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Effective Broadcast Reconcilition & Billing Management‚Äč


We Develop High-End Broadcast Reconciliation & Billing Management

Integration of the broadcast reconciliation and billing management module
in BMS automates the manual broadcast billing process which is essential for
reconciling bookings and creating invoices. It tracks bookings made by ad agencies
and compares them against the actual ad spots aired by the channels. This ensures
accurate billing and helps your sales team manage the booking and payments

Our broadcast reconciliation module reconciles the bookings made by ad agencies automatically with the actual ad spots aired on the channel to ensure accurate billing and revenue recognition.

Streamline Your Broadcast Billing With Our Tailored Broadcast Reconciliation & Billing Management Solutions

At Bright Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we offer broadcast reconciliation and
billing management solutions for efficient and hassle-free management of the
billing and payment processing workflows. It streamlines your broadcast billing
operations and helps you manage accurate revenue recognition to enhance your
financial performance.

Through our broadcast reconciliation and billing management module, you
can accept payments from different payment methods like credit cards, bank
transfers, cheques, and more.

We offer detailed reports and analytics associated with bookings, payments, revenue,
and more to help you gain insights into your overall financial performance. The
reports include several details related to ad bookings like name of the agency and
campaign, first and last dates of the campaign, frequency of ad spots booked, the
total booking expenditure, and more. Your billing team can use these details to
handle payments and monitor revenue generated through ads.

With our broadcast billing management software, you can create alerts and
notifications to send payment deadlines reminders and ensure that your clients make
the payments on time.

Our broadcast reconciliation and billing module can be seamlessly integrated
with QuickBooks or any other accounting software. This facilitates seamless transfer
of financial data and minimises the risk of errors.

You can include discounts and attractive offers in the BMS using our broadcast
inventory management tools. It is possible to set credit limits for each agency and
clients as per your revenue planning.

Comprehensive & Tailored Broadcast Management Solutions

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