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A critical function of a Traffic and Scheduling Software in the broadcast industry is its sales management features. The success of the industry depends on the ability of the sales team to generate revenue by selling advertising spots to agencies and clients. BOSS offers a range of key features to manage the sales process effectively.

One of the primary features of BOSS in sales management is the ability to manage agency details such as their name, contact, and billing information. This information is critical to maintaining good relationships with agencies and ensuring that they have the necessary details to purchase advertising spots.

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At Bright Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we offer a broadcast sales management
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and sales advertising. Our software comes with tools and features that help you
streamline the sales processes like contacting advertisers, scheduling ads, getting
delivery of advertising content, and more.

Another key feature of BOSS in sales management is the ability to manage client details such as their name, contact information, and billing information. Sales teams need to have this information to develop long-term relationships with clients, anticipate their needs, and respond to their inquiries quickly and efficiently.

BOSS also allows sales teams to create and manage campaigns for clients. A campaign is a set of ads that run together for a specific period. This feature allows sales teams to offer clients a complete package of advertising spots, making it easier for them to plan their marketing activities.

BMS (BOSS) allows sales teams to create bookings for ads, which are reservations of advertising spots during a particular time slot. This feature ensures that clients have access to the advertising spots they need when they need them, and it allows sales teams to manage inventory and optimize revenue generation.

BOSS’s credit control features enable sales teams to monitor client accounts, set credit limits, and prevent overspending. This feature helps sales teams to avoid credit risks and maintain good relationships with clients.

BOSS provides a comprehensive suite of sales management features that allow sales teams to efficiently generate revenue by selling advertising spots and managing client relationships. These features enable sales teams to manage agency and client details, create and manage campaigns, create bookings for ads, monitor client accounts, provide make-good spots, and prevent overspending. BOSS’s sales management features empower sales teams to make better-informed decisions and build lasting relationships with clients.

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